Always Have Eyes
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Security Camera Installation in Toronto

Security Cameras Keep Your Toronto Business Safe

You’ve invested in your business in more ways than one, so why not protect that investment with powerful security camera installation in Toronto? Our products are designed to suit your needs and come equipped with all the latest features, like high-resolution video and remote monitoring. Protect your assets today with TekServices.

Hold Your Team Accountable

Our video surveillance equipment is the ideal companion to every aspect of your business. This means that it can be as functional inside your building or office as it can be outside. Ensure your employees are accountable with effective deterrents and a watchful eye.

Deter Theft & Vandalism

Theft and vandalism are common problems for many businesses, especially those within the retail sector. However, surveillance systems act as both a visual deterrent and an evidence-gathering tool, preventing these problems before they begin and ensuring those foolhardy enough to continue can be brought to justice, especially with the aid of alarm systems.

Record Events For Future Reference

Insurance companies offer lower rates to businesses with security cameras because it is hard to disprove what one can see with their own eyes. From accidental property damage to belligerent customers, our CCTV camera installation in Toronto gives you an unwavering backup of events.

No Disruption
to Business

Our technicians understand the importance of minutes and seconds to your business, ensuring minimal disruption during installation, testing and deployment, leaving you to focus on what matters most.

Peace of Mind

With powerful, modern security cameras, you gain access to unparalleled peace of mind. We help you set up remote monitoring on your mobile device as well, so you can always keep an eye on your business.

IT & Security
From A-Z

If you need a backup of your security camera footage or an access control device installed in your storage room, we can help. Experts in everything IT and security, TekServices delivers comprehensive solutions.


Call Us About Security Camera Installation Today


The first step in installing your security system is understanding your needs and the needs of your business. During the consultation phase, we will identify the areas of concern and develop solutions to combat them.


Our installation process is fast, effective and aims to prevent any disruptions. We come equipped with the tools, equipment and products we need to perform the installation and work around your schedule.


After completing the installation of your camera system, our next step is training you and any employees in the proper operation of the equipment. This includes remote monitoring, replaying footage and more.


Our team is here to support you in the event of vandalism, equipment failure and other issues. We can help you assess any damage and provide recommendations for problems as they arise. Simply contact us for more information.

Industry-Specific Solutions

When it comes to security camera installation in Toronto, many different businesses stand to benefit. Retail businesses can prevent theft, construction sites can prevent vandalism and housing complexes can prevent assault or trespassing. For all industries, TekServices provides effective security solutions.

Retail Outlets / Stores

Office Spaces


Financial Institutions

High / Low Rise Buildings




How much does it cost to install security cameras?

The cost of security camera installation will vary on a per-project basis. We offer customized solutions that may include multiple devices, custom installation and other costs. Call us today for a quote.

Can you install security cameras yourself?

You can install security cameras on your own, but you may overlook key considerations or more cost-effective equipment. Professional installation and advice can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Where should security cameras be installed?

Security cameras should be installed at the entrances to your business and in any protected areas. However, this is only a general recommendation, and the needs of your business may differ.