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Network Services

Our network services are optimized for your business and the needs you identify. Whether your goal is security, optimization, redundancy or upgrading, our team will work with you to find and design solutions that fit your needs and then install and troubleshoot them as well.

What We Do
Case Study

The Situation:

Adding a Second Location

New Problems, New Solutions

When businesses expand to another location, they often find it difficult to manage the similar information they need from both locations in a straightforward and simple way.

Interconnectivity at Your Fingertips

To fix blockages or gaps in your data flow, an integrated network with common sharing locations, proper accesses and robust security is often the right solution.

The Challenge:
Integrating Multiple Networks

The Solution:

Comprehensive Network Services

Simplify Your Technology

From the cabinet configuration to the Voice Over IP setup, our team takes a comprehensive approach to your communication system, giving you robust and powerful solutions in simple and easy-to-use services.

We Simplify Technology

A-Z Solutions

Design & Consultation

Integrated solutions require an intimate knowledge of the ecosystem, which is why we meet with you to discuss and understand your network. Only then can we start planning any necessary improvements.

Installation & Setup

Our installation and setup process is the ideal solution for businesses looking for discreet and fast network services. We work quickly and with the intent of reducing your downtime as much as possible.

Support & Training

TekServices understands the complex needs of integrated networks and aims to support our clients through any troubleshooting, errors or problems that arise.


Do you provide certified cabling solutions?

Absolutely! We work with various vendors and can certify your cable system end-to-end with warranties of up to 30 years.

Can you provide network hardware, such as switches and routers, or do you just install them?

We have good relations with many large distributors and can supply any network gear you may require.

Do you price match?

Because our strategy is quality and workmanship at the lowest possible cost, it can be hard to price match some vendors. We can beat most prices while emphasizing excellence so that you can be worry-free post-installation.