Improve Your
Emergency Response

Commercial Security Systems in Toronto

Stay Safe With a Commercial Security System

Commercial security systems in Toronto do more than simply sound the alarm when there’s an intruder. They also act as a visual deterrent to criminals, letting them know that your business is protected through effective security solutions. Let TekServices provide your business with intelligent defence today.

Initiate Emergency Protocol

One of the hardest parts of emergency planning is figuring out how to notify everyone in a timely manner properly. With alarm systems installed by our team of experts, however, this problem ceases to exist. This leaves you and your employees more time to evacuate and focus on other emergency procedures.

Minimize the Risk of the Emergency

All our security solutions, from security cameras to alarm systems, are designed to reduce the risk of an emergency. Alarm systems, in particular, allow all personnel to recognize that there is an emergency even before they may detect it themselves. This helps minimize the risk of emergencies and injuries alike.

Alert Everyone to Potential Dangers

We put the same care and attention into the design and installation of our alarm systems as we do our data cabling. This translates to a devotion to detail and an eye for accuracy so that in the event of an emergency, everyone is notified in no time.

No Disruption
to Business

Testing and retesting alarm systems can be an unwanted distraction for your business, which is why our technicians install and test these systems discreetly, saving you the hassle of having to adjust.

Ultimate Peace
of Mind

The ultimate peace of mind you deserve starts at TekServices. We handle every part of the planning, installation, setup and deployment of your security system, leaving you the time you need to focus on what matters most to you.

IT & Security
From A-Z

Our technical solutions know no bounds. Instead, we focus on providing well-rounded services that meet and exceed your needs. Let us install your alarm system, access control system, and security cameras.


Call Us About Commercial Security Systems Today


The start of any successful installation is the consultation. During this stage in the process, we meet with you to understand your business and its security needs. Then, we decide what products will work best for you.


When installing your alarm system, we aim to do it discreetly and with as little interruption to your normal working conditions as possible. Our technicians come prepared and ready to work.


Nobody wants to accidentally trip the alarm system and not know how to turn it off. That’s why TekServices trains our clients on how to use these systems correctly after we finish our installation.


Our team is committed to our clients long after the installation and training are done. We provide support for our own systems and more, so contact us today and see how we can help strengthen your security.

Industry-Specific Solutions

The applications of commercial security systems in Toronto are truly staggering in their sheer breadth. Whether you are looking to protect an entire condo building or just prevent late-night intrusion to your retail business, TekServices has alarm solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to secure your business.

Retail Outlets / Stores

Office Spaces


Financial Institutions

High / Low Rise Buildings




Do you install residential alarm systems?

At this time, TekServices only provides alarm installation services for commercial clients.

What are the typical parts of an alarm system?

Alarm systems, like all security systems, should be built for the needs of the user. In general, though, you can expect perimeter and interior detection devices as well as a control panel. Most systems will also come with backup power in case of an emergency.

Where should security cameras be installed?

Yes, in many cases, integration is possible across a suite of security devices. Contact TekServices today for more information.