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Access Control Systems in Toronto

Maintain Security With Access Control Systems

Access control systems in Toronto are aimed at protecting your business and assets from intruders and harm. They do this by preventing unauthorized access to important areas, like storage facilities. With the latest technology and understanding at our fingertips, TekServices is here to help you find the right security solutions.

Restrict Access to Authorized Personnel

From protecting sensitive data to reducing the risk of theft or vandalism, every business owner has their own reasons to restrict access to certain areas of their building. Our access control systems make it easy to do this through straightforward and effective protections.

Eliminate Internal Threats to Safety & Security

Whether we are talking about data cabling, security cameras or access control, eliminating the threat is always the right option. Access control systems keep threats from accessing what is most important to you, whether that is server, inventory or storage rooms.

Customize Accesses For Each Employee

Keeping track of the comings and goings of all your employees can be difficult, but not when Toronto access control devices are present. With customized access for each employee, you can easily track their movements into restricted areas and remove former employee’s permissions with just a few clicks!

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Every business is accountable to the clock, and even small disruptions can cause large waves. That is why our technicians focus on staying out of the way and avoiding delays so that our presence isn’t noticed until absolutely necessary.

Peace of Mind

You deserve to relax and feel comfortable after a day of running a successful business. Our services help give you this peace of mind through powerful, modern solutions designed to fit your needs and work without interruption.

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From hardware to software and everything in-between, TekServices provides complete technical solutions for your business. Our high-quality work is sure to make us a regular part of improvements to your business.


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The consultation stage of installing a security system is arguably the most important part of the process. This is the time when we meet with you to understand your needs and develop powerful solutions to meet them.


The installation process we follow is aimed at being unobtrusive. We are fast, discreet and capable of completing the project in a short time frame, depending on the needs and timeline discussed at the beginning of the project.


Understanding how to add and remove users is an integral part of using an access control system. This is why, after completing the installation, our technicians walk you through the process and ensure you know what to do.


We love to support our clients whenever they need us. Providing comprehensive security solutions is what we do, and giving advice, suggestions, or information is key to successfully delivering our services.

Industry-Specific Solutions

For access control systems in Toronto, the applications are nearly limitless. We provide solutions that range from RFID scanners on warehouse lot gates to inventory rooms in convenience stores and so much more. Contact TekServices today to see how we can help protect your business.

Retail Outlets / Stores

Office Spaces


Financial Institutions

High / Low Rise Buildings




What is the purpose of access control systems?

The purpose of access control systems is to prevent intruders and safeguard assets. The devices are typically placed at a door threshold to a restricted area, allowing only those with the proper credentials to gain access.

What are the types of access control systems?

Access control can come in many different forms, including biometric readers, RFID readers and multi-code units. We welcome suggestions about your preferred system.

How does access control work?

Typically, an electronically-limiting entry device will be placed at the entrance to a designated area. When it reads the correct credentials, it releases the locking mechanism and allows entry for a small period of time.